Bridal Skin Care Tips

Pre Bridal Tips. How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen. Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips. Every bride wishes to look stunning like the dream girl of her sole mate at the wedding day, so that everyone would be astonished to see her beauty. It is the most well awaited day in her life and, hence, to make it more special and ever cherished, here,

get some ideas and tips to know about bridal skin care. Understand your skin and go for selected choices of cosmetics and facials to get the best results. Plan everything right from bridal wear, facials, cosmetics, products to be used and accordingly, you need to start preparations well in advance.

Bridal Skin Care

Bridal skin care definitely remains an interesting subject for all the girls, going to get married soon. For such a special occasion in your life, know some extra care and precautions to be taken for. With a focused understanding of the subject matter, follow the given directions or tips to get good results. Use of good quality and reliable products is must. Experimentation at the last moment can lead to frustration sometimes. So, don’t compromise with quality.

Make up and colors to be used

Though, using bright colors has been the tradition for such a grand celebration, we find, selection of choice to be completely an individual’s decision, according to the color of bride’s wear. Recently, there is craze of selecting fresh and mild colors with lot of embroidery work on it. So, like wise choose right colors for make up. Get an expert advice for make up kit that you would use for the event. Use skin friendly colors with low chemical content.

Oiling and massaging

Regular facial and body massage would offer the external surface with the required vitamins and nutrition, improving natural glow of the skin. Going for facial, hair, and body massage will benefit you with the change in looks within a week. Its a part of therapeutic use and herbal care. Use proper mix or oils available in the market like almond oil, coconut oil, and a whole herbal stuff. Massaging can be continued as regular care to enjoy beautiful skin over a longer period of time.

Henna conditioning

Use henna for herbal conditioning, if you desire. It is beneficial to get good results for shading. Coloring hair can be second alternative, when you have white hair and henna alone won’t be sufficient to cover them well.

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing

Choose exfoliator according to your skin requirements or prepare it at home. Remove the dead cells properly and cover it with moisturizer properly to give proper nourishment. Follow cleansing and toning procedures properly.

Facial choice and selection

Seeking an expert advise in such matters is a must. See professional skin specialist and accordingly, select the best choice for you. This should be based on type of the skin, seasonal and skin requirements. Use fruit pack to tighten the skin and get it nourished with vitamin content that fruits are enriched in.

Recipes, food, and diet

Follow a balanced diet plan, containing a lot of veggies, sprouts, and fruits. Drink enough water, which helps in hydrating the skin and clears toxic elements from the body, living it feel refreshed and glowing with natural care. Going for healthy diet full of vitamins, proteins, and nutritional content is advisable to have natural skin glow.

Hair care and style hair coloring

Wash your hair thrice a week and before each wash, apply sufficient oil and massage it well to get it absorbed into the scalp. This will surely bring life and shine to the hair. It becomes easy to manage them with the desired hairstyle afterwards. They become more strong and healthy. It also improves health of scalp, leaving it nourished and hydrated. Make use of fingertips to get more promising results by improving blood circulation. You can follow it on a regular basis to enjoy healthy hair for a longer period of time.

Herbal remedies and mixes

Mashed tomato can be used as a cleanser for oily skin whereas a mix of milk and curd can be used for normal and dry skin to clean the face properly. Use fruits like banana, papaya, orange for cleaning and nourishment. Use of honey also gives good results if used with milk or water in daily care. Lemon juice can be an additional cleaner supplement for you. Using few drops in daily bathing water can help in cleaning and toning the skin very well followed by the use of sunscreen or lotion.

Precaution and care

Take necessary precautions while waxing and facials to avoid skin rashes and reactions. Use good quality and mild chemical content as precaution. Never go for last moment trial. Instead, use the products that suits you perfectly. Such experimentation may prove to be disastrous sometimes. If you have acne or other skin diseases, start with medical prescription from dermatologist well in advance to get skin cleared well. In addition,

follow well nutrition diet plan; don’t go for plain carbohydrate products. Avoid contact with direct sunlight. It may turn your skin dark, with damaging UV rays. Special care is needed for people having sensitive skin, as normal products may also give undesirable results. For them, home made remedies or mixes like milk, yogurt, fruit juices and pulp can be used for clean up and facial.

It’s one of the most awaited days of your life and make it memorable with happy and long cherished memories ever. Follow some tips and have good bridal skin care to be the center of attraction for the ceremony.

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